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eye4You Classroom Solutions

Eye4you is an innovative classroom management software company that provides control and security over computing in education. It provides teachers, instructors and trainers the ability to instruct, monitor and interact with students individually, in groups, or as a whole class.

Our product suite currently contains two classroom management software products, HDGuard and NetControl2. Both programs are designed to allow schools to make the most of a digital classroom, without compromising control or security.

HDGuard is the ultimate school management software. By creating a secure partition on the hard drive of each classroom computer, it allows a standard image to be deployed across the network. That means, whatever happens during a lesson, a simple reboot will restore that machine to it’s original configuration.

This system has many benefits, including:

  • Reduced administration of school computers
  • Reduced downtime of the network and individual machines
  • Secure, tamper-proof system images that restore on reboot

Not having to spend time re-imaging machines, repairing them when students break or sabotage them is a significant advantage. The ability to have a single configuration for an entire school can save hundreds of man-hours, and thousands of dollars during an academic year.

We’re so confident that you’ll love the software, and will see it’s potential, we offer a 45-day free trial. Contact us for a license key today!

Netcontrol2 is another piece of school management software that you’ll love. This program allows teachers, trainers and instructors to remotely manage classroom computers, share files, allows thumbnail views of student computers, and the ability to control programs remotely.

If that wasn’t enough, Netcontrol2 also allows the remote management of the internet from the teachers computer, all from a quick, user-friendly interface.

This program allows educators to utilize the best that technology allows, while also minimize risk and distractions. Both aspects that will improve student participation, and ensure their security and safety.

Benefits of Netcontrol2:

  • Complete control of student computers
  • Ability to terminate programs remotely
  • Block and unblock internet access dynamically
  • Simple user interface for everything
  • Improve lesson outcomes by reducing distractions

When it comes to classroom management, software that makes the teacher’s life simpler, while being able to exert more control over the class is ideal. It allows you to maximize learning through technology while protecting yourself, and your students from the downsides.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in school management software, want to control the classroom computers without hours of administration, and reduce distractions in the learning environment, eye4you has the answer.

We’re so confident in Netcontrol2, that we offer a full 45-day obligation free trial. Just contact us for a license key.

HDGuard and Netcontrol2 offer unrivaled control of the learning environment. Combine them both for total control and avoid the compromises that come with the digital learning environment. Control and secure remotely, without confrontation. Keep classroom systems up and running and reduce maintenance.

Contact us today for your 45-day free trial. We know you’ll love it!