Signagelive launches responsive visual dashboard

Signagelive’s new dashboard maximises network efficiency and helps ensures compliance with digital advertising practices

Signagelive, global suppliers of cloud-based digital signage technology, is developing a new version of its visual management dashboard along with a developers’ API and optional proof of play and proactive monitoring modules. These optional modules will help digital signage network owners maintain a competitive edge by maximising network efficiency as well as giving them the tools needed to demonstrate to stakeholders that campaigns have been executed as required.

SignageLive Dashboard

View details here: Signagelive’s new dashboard

The new dashboard is available as a free upgrade to all existing Signagelive users.

Contact us today for a free demo.

Net Control 2 version 10.21

Net Control 2 version 10.21 (Build

This update integrates minor updates, modifications and bug fixes collected from the version 10.2 release. We recommend this update for all registered customers.

To update the software remotely:

– in Professional Edition: load the installation package to the Update repository in Connection Server Management Console (“Update” tab) on the computer where Connection Server components are installed.

– Standard and SmallClass Editions: select student computers in the teacher console, click the main menu command N – Help and Support – Update Client; open the installation package for Net Control 2 version 10.21.

Chromebox Digital Signage is Here

Why choose Chromebox Digital Signage?

We think it’s cool, we hope you do too

There are many great digital signage hardware and software options available, but we think Chromebox Digital Signage delivers an amazing and affordable solution that you’ll love.

Google Chromebox and Signagelive’s digital signage service; delivers amazing price/performance.

Three great reasons to choose Signagelive and Google Chromebox for your next digital signage project:

  1. Backed by the best: Choosing Google Chromebox and Signagelive you are working with industry leaders
  2. Cloud-based Digital Signage: No servers or software to install, just connect your Chromebox to the Internet, log into Signagelive and you’re ready to go.
  3. We deliver a service, not just the software: From an initial demonstration, through to getting started and keeping everything working; our support team are online and ready to help.

View full details on Chromebox Digital Signage here.

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Important HDGUARD Release Notes

With Microsoft’s Windows XP Lifecycle End in April 2014, all support for HDGUARD on Windows XP platforms will end today.

Development is currently underway for HDGUARD 10, to be released with Windows 10 (expected in mid- to late 2015).

HDGUARD customers are advised to update HDGUARD to the latest build release:

Upcoming Release: HDGUARD (

  • added hint for Bitlocker protected drives: Apply changes are not available
  • all clients inside HDGUARD Teacher Console can be selected using the shortcut CTRL + A
  • Bug fix: HDGUARD manual reworked
  • Bug fix: error while sending an bug report to RDT


  • Bug fix: Teacher console license were not saved
  • Bug fix: Client icons were not shown inside teacher console


  • HDGUARD creates event log entries
  • Proxy server settings will be saved for RDT software activation and HDGUARD update periods
  • Bug fix: HDGUARD Internet Lock feature blocked local IPv6 loopback
  • Bug fix: error while using German translation
  • Bug fix: starting HDGUARD configuration were not available anymore after entering an 0 client licenses
  • Bug fix: HDGUARD tray icon started too fast if Windows auto logon feature were used
  • Bug fix: Wrong caption for HDGUARD password field

For support or details on release notes please contact us.

The World’s Number 1 Cloud-based Digital Signage Software is here

Our new cloud-based digital signage solution is here!

With SignageLive, we provide the software, servers and support; You provide the message.

It’s the World’s Number 1 cloud-based digital signage software, and it’s so easy to use.

The 3 Benefits to your school:

  1. Cost efficiency – Any changes to the printed material used for event notices, announcements, revised services and directions all add layers of cost – from creative, pre-production, printing and transport to the time needed for staff to put the new materials in place. Digital signage removes almost all of that.
  2. Timelines – Changed plans – whether that’s the lunch specials in the campus cafeteria or lecture locations – are easily revised by opening a browser. The changes are updated in seconds using web browser forms. Digital announcements and event posters can be scheduled and expired by calendar.
  3. Navigation – Educational institutions are sprawling places. Simple interactive digital signage is used to help people sort out where they are and where they are going. They also serve effectively as room, event and people directories using touchscreens and easy scheduling software.

The 7 Reasons you should consider SignageLive today:

  1. Fast, potentially automated personal safety and weather alerts
  2. Saving time and money by shifting from printed to digital posters and messaging boards
  3. Promoting and responding quickly to changed locations for lectures and other events
  4. Directing students, staff and visitors around sprawling campuses
  5. Showcasing research and student artworks
  6. Interactive directories and archives
  7. Updates/reminders on building programs and school/campus services

How much?

Standard Edition: $US 30 / month (based on annual subscription)
(incl. full Screen and Multi-zone layouts, 5GB download per month)

Lite / Desktop Edition: $US 15 / month (based on annual subscription)
(incl. full-screen content only, 1GB download per month)

Want more info? Contact us today for a free demo.

A new range of amazing solutions is coming

Cloud-based Digital Signage

We provide the software, servers and support; you provide the message.

Just log in from your web-browser to upload, schedule and deploy your digital media. You will find all the tools you need to monitor and report on your digital signage players in one place, no software installation required.

Want a heads-up on this? Simply let us know – you’ll get a sneak preview in the next few weeks.


NetControl for Mac OS

NetControl Teacher module for Mac OS is coming in term 4.

Already here is NetControl Student Module for Mac OS – and it’s free with Standard & Pro editions of the software.

Currently the mobile client supports the following features:

  • Broadcast Desktop Viewer – view image of a teacher computer desktop, when the teacher is broadcasting his/her desktop to students;
  • participate in polls and quizzes;
  • “raise hand” virtually;
  • send help requests to a teacher;
  • receive messages and notifications from a teacher;
  • chat with a teacher (by teacher’s request);
  • see the class whiteboard;
  • connect a selected teacher module by an IP address or a DNS name (for Standard Edition);
  • connect a teacher from the list of available teachers (self-registration), for PRO Edition.
  • get lesson information from connected teacher module;

Get full details here:

NetControl 10.2 is here

NetControl version 10.2 is now available. New features and improvements include:

  • New versions of Internet Restrictions
  • Support of clipboard operations in Control mode
  • Browser View mode for Broadcast Desktop tool
  • Free unlimited mobile clients (incl. Apple and Android)

View details here:

To request a 45-day full version at no cost, just contact us. To update your existing installations, simply use the Update feature in the Admin console.

February Mates Rates

We’re kicking off the 2014 school year with these Mates Rates:

Until next Friday 14th February it’s 10% off all our software.

This includes:

ezeVue Digital Signage software

  • From just $235 + GST per player
  • See for free download

NetControl2 Classroom Management software

HDGUARD reboot-to-restore software

For details or to request a 45-day license key contact us today.

The brand new NetControl version 10 is here!

NetControl version 10 is here… and it’s just brilliantly simple to use.

Check it out at and contact us today for a FREE fully licensed trial!

What’s new in Version 10?

Teacher console:

  • New Updated User Interface.
  • New Screenshot View tool.
  • New Co-Browse tool: web pages visited by teacher are synchronously shown on student computers.
  • New Select Random tool can be used to select a random student computer in a click.
  • New Raise Hand tool – teacher can see what students have raised the hand and call on a student.
  • Multi-monitor environment support for student module and Remote Desktop tools.
  • Improved Send Message tool: easier navigation, pre-installed graphic backgrounds and sounds.
  • Improved Quick Question tool: custom graphic backgrounds, effects, questions are displayed in full-screen window on student computers.
  • Wake Up tool now supports User-Initiated Connections, SmallClass and Pro Edition connections.
  • Improved Events Watcher (new Events Monitor) tool: apply filters and select columns dynamically.
  • Control and Control Several tools are joined to one tool.
  • Teacher statuses: teacher can set up a status (a motto or simply a lesson topic), short messages that are visible for students in Net Control 2 toolbar.


Student Module:

  • Completely re-written Student Module user interface
  • Mini Toolbar by default is always shown on student computers. Students can click this toolbar to open Main panel, where they can access Raise Hand tool controls, send help requests, connect teacher computers (when allowed), get information about connected teacher (name of the teacher, class, lesson etc.)
  • When allowed Students can set up quick statuses (short messages which are shown on this student and teacher computers).
  • Student Registration, Quick Question and messaging windows now are always full-screen.
  • Fully re-written Quiz player.
  • Other minor changes and improvements.


Contact us today for details

New versions of NetControl2 & HDGUARD are coming Term 1, 2013.

And simply by trialling and installing the current version by 31st December this year, you’ll get some fantastic end-of-year offers on the software.


Classroom management software optimised for wireless laptop networks, NetControl2 is the most powerful solution available for teachers in today’s classroom.

Install by 31st December and you’ll get:

  • free upgrade to Version 10
  • bonus 12 months (24 months total) future upgrades included*



Used by over 1,300 schools in Australia, HDGUARD restores student computers with every reboot – resulting in reduction in IT maintenance of approx 28 hours a week on an average network.

Install by 31st December and you’ll get:

  • free upgrade to Version 9
  • bonus HDGUARD.master to control all HDGUARD clients centrally (even over remote campuses)


There are no “annual maintenance fees” ever, and we’ll even replace all our software with a competitor product of your choice if you aren’t totally happy with it.

Contact us today for details