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Behaviour Management Software

Student behaviour is an important part of the educational process. As student's behaviour not only affects their personal learning, it affects the learning experiences of other students in the classroom.

Schools spend a lot of time and money developing behaviours strategies and plans aimed at targeting inappropriate behaviour such as bullying, discussion on non-curriculum activities etc. However, it is virtually impossible to monitor for every occurrence of these.

Our eduConduct software does this all for you, without any time spent on monitoring for violations.

Your school can easily track student behaviours over time for individual students, groups of students, or even year levels.

eduConduct helps teachers, IT administrators and network managers enforce their Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) on all computers within their educational institution.

It provides dynamic real–time control and monitoring of computer resources, increasing productivity by filtering, blocking, managing and reporting non-compliant activities.

How does it work?

eduConduct displays your organisation’s acceptable use policy when a user starts their PC, or a specified application. The terms must be accepted before they can continue.

The users’ acceptance or decline of this policy is stored in a database with user, time, date and application stamp.

eduConduct’s Advanced Recognition Engine (ARE) then monitors for policy violations and reports improper and even illegal user activity such as accessing pornographic websites, sending and receiving sexually explicit and harassing email and attachments.

Screen captures of violations are stored in a secure database by user with date, time, application, and violation stamp.

Why is it different?

Because it puts the responsibility back into the hands of the computer user by re-enforcing your school’s acceptable use policy and monitoring for compliance. It reports violations directly to the administrator.