NetControl version 12 is here

The next major update for our award winning classroom management software NetControl version 12 is here.

This major update includes several new features that will make the process of co-operation and co-working with students even more effective.

Click here for full details on version 12 release for Professional, Standards & Small Class editions.

View a list of what’s new in version 12 here.

Until 30th April Extended until Friday 12th May 2017 get up to $1,000 off unlimited Site licenses

  • $500 off Site license Standard edition until 12th May
  • $1,000 off Site license Professional edition until 12th May

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NetControl version 12 is coming!

NetControl version 12 is coming!

With a range of new features incl. teacher’s lesson resources and the ability to view which student devices are unconnected, NetControl version 12 will be released in the 1st quarter 2017.

And best of all, if you’ve purchased the current version of NetControl within 12 months (24 months for Site licenses) of the release date you’ll get it at no cost.

Prices are likely to rise in 2017 due to currency exchange rates – avoid any increases by putting the current version in place and securing a free upgrade

Feature list updated on 6th February 2017, click here to view.

New features include:

  • new view mode for connections list: connections may be represented by students’ photos or graphic avatars prepared with built-in tools;
  • inverse connections for all three editions keep staying in connections list even when they are unconnected, in the same manner as direct connections of Standard Edition do now, making possible to see what computers are unconnected in the group;
  • in all three editions students can connect a teacher themselves, directly, using a special code that the teacher gives to them;
  • the teacher module supports the “basic” view mode, a simplified user interface with lesser visible tools, for less experienced teachers;
  • the teacher module supports remote mobile assistant, a mobile application for iOS and Android that allows performing several operations in the teacher module remotely from smartphones and tablets; all devices should be in the same network;
  • standard edition now uses only inverse connections and includes new tools for scanning computers in the network;
  • lesson resources: teachers can set up lesson resources (text, links, files), which will be available automatically for all students connecting to this teacher;
  • improvements for text messages: support of timed and popup (not full-screen) text messages;
  • imporovements for polls: students are arranged by their time of answer, connections are marked with numbers;
  • lesson timers in the teacher console, other improvements.

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New NetControl 11 mobile clients

The new mobile clients for our NetControl classroom management software are here.

They are available at no cost for an unlimited number or clients to all NetControl version 11 customers with either a Classroom / Standard or Pro edition of the software.

Mobile clients support:

  • Broadcast Desktop Viewer features – a teacher can share his/her screen of the teacher computer with students that use Net Control 2 Mobile Clients, the teacher’s desktop will be visible on iOS devices in a realtime showing all actions performed on the teacher computer;
  • Full screen text and graphic messages;
  • Polls;
  • Interactive quizzes, including new quiz formats introduced in version 11;
  • Participate in chats initiated by a teacher;
  • Send help requests to teachers;
  • Raise hand virtually and get notifications when a teacher has called the student on;
  • Use virtual whiteboard;
  • Fill in student registration forms sent by a teacher;

and several other features. Get full details here.

Download the latest mobile clients here:

iOS AppStore

NetControl Classroom edition

NetControl Pro edition

Google AppStore

NetControl Classroom edition

NetControl Pro edition 

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Terms & Conditions

Only educational institutions qualify. Referral must be for a school not already a customer of eye4you Pty Ltd. Each referral customer must order HDGUARD or NetControl for at least 1 classroom (deemed a 25-client license).

New NetControl 11.10

A new update to NetControl version 11 was released today, with several improvements included in the latest build.

This is a free update for all existing version 11 users.

Note: If Admin / Teacher module is updated to build 11.10, then Clients / Student modules must also be updated to this.

See here for full list updates in NetControl version 11.10

Find our more about NetControl.

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HDGUARD 10 is here

The next major update for our award winning school & classroom security software is here.

HDGUARD version 10 is the brand new intelligent security software for Windows 10 and Server 2016.

With it’s popular intuitive interface that IT Administrators rave about, it also introduces a new licensing system that is backward compatible to allow users to manage a mix of version with just 1 license key which can be re-activated at any time for an increase in client-count.

Protect student computers in a mixed network environment of Windows 7, 8 and 10 PCs and laptops – all from 1 central Admin console with the new HDGUARD.master 10.

Find out more about the benefits of HDGUARD here.

Download HDGUARD 10 and request your free 45-day license key today.

Update to NetControl 11

A new minor update includes several improvements for Broadcast Desktop and Remote Wake-up features, as also for the remote update procedure in Net Control 2 Professional Edition over Connection Server Management Console.

See here for full details on Net Control 2 version 11.01 

Find our more about NetControl.

View screenshots here.

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NetControl Version 11 is here

The next major update for our award winning classroom management software solution NetControl2 is here in Standard, PRO and SmallClass editions.

NetControl2 has now moved to a cross platform framework, which makes it possible building software modules for platforms other than Microsoft Windows. In the near future we are planning to present a special version of the teacher module for Macs, and shortly after this for iOS and Android.

Get full details of “What’s New in NetControl version 11” here.

Find our more about NetControl.

View screenshots here.

Contact us today to request a free trial and / or upgrade pricing.


NetControl Version 11 is coming

The brand new NetControl version 11 is coming July 2015!

  • Windows, Apple & Android compatible
  • incl. free unlimited installs on student mobile devices

With great new features like the Student Grades Awards tool & Multimedia streaming and much more.

You can view some screenshot previews of NetControl 11 here.

Full details coming June 30th, stay tuned!

Be the first to trial it when it’s released; just contact us for a free 45-day license key.

Already using NetControl? You may be eligible for a free upgrade, contact us for details.

Play multimedia files synchronously on teacher and student computers

Play multimedia files synchronously on teacher and student computers

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Full terms and conditions:

  • This offer will not be repeated. Ever.
  • Only 1 License available per school, to cover 1 Admin / 30 Clients. Multiple licenses cannot be purchased at this rate.
  • License cannot be used to extend existing licenses
  • License count can be increased at any time in future at normal rates.
  • Future Version upgrades are available at 50% off the standard rate.
  • Offer available for registered educational institutions in Asia Pacific (incl. Australia & New Zealand).

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Special intro deal for NetControl - just $199 + GST for 30-client license

Special intro deal for NetControl – just $199 + GST for 30-client license