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Classroom Management Software

Eye4you is pleased to provide NetControl2 to educators across the country. This innovative, user-friendly, classroom management software enables educators to utilize technology in learning, while retaining control and security.

Computer based learning is becoming an essential method to teach within schools, and other educational centers. Because of this, it was quickly realized that using computers in the classroom had distinct downsides.

Too many distractions, inappropriate use of the internet, games, and other time-wasting activities were taking precedence over learning. This made educators think twice about using technology in class.

Fortunately, companies like eye4you developed classroom management software which enabled schools to retake the initiative, and provide technology in the classroom, without those downsides.

Some of the benefits of using NetControl2:

Essentially, NetControl2 takes the control back from the student, and lets the teacher control exactly what goes on in their classroom. The system is designed to withstand even the brightest students, offering significant security protection.

It allows remote monitoring of applications being run, and what, if any websites are being visited. It allows for the internet to be shut down during lectures to minimize distractions, and can block downloads and other software from being installed on machines.

This classroom management software is simple to manage, user-friendly and can be run on almost any computer. It's designed to be used by people with little computer experience, and to withstand the efforts of those with plenty.

NetControl2 is enablement. It enables schools, colleges and universities to use the latest technology to aid learning while minimizing the downsides. It enables teachers to control what goes on in their classroom. It also enables them to offer remote assistance to students who may need it.

We're so confident in the abilities of our classroom management software that we offer a free 45-day trial. All you have to do is contact us for a no-obligation license key.

To regain control of technology in the classroom, to utilize the latest enabling software, and for complete peace of mind when using digital classrooms, contact eye4you today.