NetControl version 12 is coming!

NetControl version 12 is coming!

With a range of new features incl. teacher’s lesson resources and the ability to view which student devices are unconnected, NetControl version 12 will be released in the 1st quarter 2017.

And best of all, if you’ve purchased the current version of NetControl within 12 months (24 months for Site licenses) of the release date you’ll get it at no cost.

Prices are likely to rise in 2017 due to currency exchange rates – avoid any increases by putting the current version in place and securing a free upgrade

Feature list updated on 6th February 2017, click here to view.

New features include:

  • new view mode for connections list: connections may be represented by students’ photos or graphic avatars prepared with built-in tools;
  • inverse connections for all three editions keep staying in connections list even when they are unconnected, in the same manner as direct connections of Standard Edition do now, making possible to see what computers are unconnected in the group;
  • in all three editions students can connect a teacher themselves, directly, using a special code that the teacher gives to them;
  • the teacher module supports the “basic” view mode, a simplified user interface with lesser visible tools, for less experienced teachers;
  • the teacher module supports remote mobile assistant, a mobile application for iOS and Android that allows performing several operations in the teacher module remotely from smartphones and tablets; all devices should be in the same network;
  • standard edition now uses only inverse connections and includes new tools for scanning computers in the network;
  • lesson resources: teachers can set up lesson resources (text, links, files), which will be available automatically for all students connecting to this teacher;
  • improvements for text messages: support of timed and popup (not full-screen) text messages;
  • imporovements for polls: students are arranged by their time of answer, connections are marked with numbers;
  • lesson timers in the teacher console, other improvements.

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