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    April 22, 2013

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School Management Software

Eye4you is privileged to offer the leading school management software products that seeks to help educators around the world control and monitor digital classrooms.

The advantages of computer-based learning and e-learning are too good to ignore. Our school management software seeks to cancel out the downsides, while allowing schools the freedom to utilize technology in learning.

Our HDGuard software protects systems by creating a secure partition which is beyond the reach of users. This partition holds a system image that is reinstated every time the computer is rebooted.

This means any changes made by students will be automatically overwritten each time the computer restarts. It also means any games, trojans, malicious code, or viruses will be wiped out too, leaving you a tidier, safer computer.

The advantages of this school management software are many. They include:

Computer administration and network management are an expensive overhead. With our school management software, we can demonstrably reduce that by a significant margin. By lowering these costs, we not only save you a lot of money, but the system pays for itself in no time. It's not often a system really can deliver what it promises. eye4you has the one that can.

HDGuard ensures a safe, consistent learning environment is all types of educational organizations. The system image can be centrally controlled and administered. This means complete control over every single computer that uses the software.

IT and data security is a prime consideration for network managers. There are literally millions of trojans and viruses out there ready to take advantage of the unwary. HDGuard offers peace of mind by offering complete control over the contents of the hard drives of every connected computer.

The ability for our school management software to let you wipe the slate clean for every single class, or every single day provides unparalleled control over your infrastructure.

Having these tasks automated frees up resources for other projects, or lowers the cost of supporting it. Either way, HDGuard pays for itself in no time.

eye4you also has NetControl2, check it out to see how it and HDGuard can work together to keep control of digital classrooms.

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