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Since 2010, our Designed by You service offers you custom-built and bespoke software development for your organisation.

Got a great idea?  Off-the-shelf products just aren’t cutting it?  Then Designed by You is the perfect solution.

eye4you works only with world-class developers and programmers (so no strange-sounding companies in some country you’ve never heard of).  You’ll have direct contact with the development team during the entire development phase.

And yes, we do charge a premium and we’re not the cheapest… but in the end you get the very best solution available.

Have an idea?  Contact us to discuss your idea.

For your info:

Currently we only offer Designed by You for Windows-based platforms

If you wish to outsource or undertake a software project, the typical steps involved include:

  • Initial Meeting - requirements are discussed in detail.
  • Proposal - a detailed proposal is produced, based on the initial meeting.
  • Detailed Design - for most projects, there is usually more design work to clarify exactly how the system should work.
  • Agree Contract - to achieve the best balance between cost and system functionality.
  • Development - work starts on the proposed system.
  • Delivery of System - at the end of development, a “functionally complete” system is delivered, which requires end-user testing.
  • System Completed - testing is complete, and the system is ready for deployment.

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