HDGUARD restores PCs with every reboot!

On a HDGUARD network, all changes made to protected PCs are simply diverted to a hidden area on the hard disk, and ignored on restart.

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There’s no need to re-image or restore from backup partitions and HDGUARD provides instant system recovery – every time.

You entire network can easily be managed at the click of a button, from one central location (even via the internet) with its HDGUARD.master and HDGUARD.remote modules.

  • HDGUARD.master – Central management of all HDGUARD clients on your network
  • HDGUARD.remote – World-wide remote control of multiple HDGUARD networks

Entire school districts can be connected via HDGUARD.remote for simple, cost-effective network management of multiple sites from one single location.

Why HDGUARD is your best solution:

  • Enormous Reduction in IT Management Time by eliminating the need to restore, re-image and constantly fix PCs on your network. Average savings approx 28 hours per week (based on 100-client network).
  • Reduced Network Running Costs by allowing you to divert IT resources to more important areas. HDGUARD is guaranteed to pay for itself in just 2 months!
  • Simplified Network Management by reducing computer downtime and exposure to unwanted material.  Computers in a mess?  Just restart!

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How much?

HDGUARD is licensed depending on network size, as an approx. guide:

  •     100-clients $29.00 per PC
  •     200-clients $24.40 per PC
  •     300-clients $18.60 per PC

In Australian $.  HDGUARD has no annual maintenance fees!

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System Requirements / Supported Systems

  •     Windows Vista / 7 (32 & 64 Bit) / 8 / 10
  •     Microsoft Server 2003 to Server 2016

HDGUARD is developed by RDT-Global, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.