With NetControl2 you’ll simplify classroom management for teachers, lecturers, IT administrators and training staff.

NetControl2 empowers teachers to instruct and interact with their classroom, and allows IT Managers to monitor PCs in real-time.

The software offers:

  • remote-control of classrooms
  • file sharing and distribution
  • thumbnail view of student monitors
  • dynamic internet blocking / unblocking
  • the ability to run / terminate programs remotely… and much more

With its award-winning interface and incredibly simple installation process, you can have it up and running in an entire classroom in less than an hour.

There’s no difficult configuration required and teachers will feel instantly comfortable using it.

Why NetControl2 is your best solution:

  • Simplifies Classroom Management so you’ll have control over the classroom and student attention.
  • Better Learning Outcome at your School through classroom interaction and collaboration between students and teachers.
  • Increase Teaching Effectiveness with the ability to monitor student progress.

NetControl2 is the ideal training software for schools, universities and other educational institutions, training centres, private companies, and any organisation with a focus on e-learning.

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How much?

NetControl2 is licensed depending on network size, as an approx guide:

  • SmallClass edition (1 classroom) from just $275
  • Site Licenses from $3,490 (unlimited PCs)
  • District License from $9,990

All prices are in Australian $ plus GST.

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