Our new cloud-based digital signage solution is here!

With SignageLive, we provide the software, servers and support; You provide the message.

It’s the World’s Number 1 cloud-based digital signage software, and it’s so easy to use.

The 3 Benefits to your school:

  1. Cost efficiency – Any changes to the printed material used for event notices, announcements, revised services and directions all add layers of cost – from creative, pre-production, printing and transport to the time needed for staff to put the new materials in place. Digital signage removes almost all of that.
  2. Timelines – Changed plans – whether that’s the lunch specials in the campus cafeteria or lecture locations – are easily revised by opening a browser. The changes are updated in seconds using web browser forms. Digital announcements and event posters can be scheduled and expired by calendar.
  3. Navigation – Educational institutions are sprawling places. Simple interactive digital signage is used to help people sort out where they are and where they are going. They also serve effectively as room, event and people directories using touchscreens and easy scheduling software.

The 7 Reasons you should consider SignageLive today:

  1. Fast, potentially automated personal safety and weather alerts
  2. Saving time and money by shifting from printed to digital posters and messaging boards
  3. Promoting and responding quickly to changed locations for lectures and other events
  4. Directing students, staff and visitors around sprawling campuses
  5. Showcasing research and student artworks
  6. Interactive directories and archives
  7. Updates/reminders on building programs and school/campus services

How much?

Standard Edition: $US 30 / month (based on annual subscription)
(incl. full Screen and Multi-zone layouts, 5GB download per month)

Lite / Desktop Edition: $US 15 / month (based on annual subscription)
(incl. full-screen content only, 1GB download per month)

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