Xuno Suite

Do everything you need from one location.

Xuno Suite simplifies your management of student wellbeing, administration and communication.

Bring together your admin, attendance, timetabling, reporting, wellbeing and assessment into one package.

With Xuno Suite you will:

  • Save time managing students
  • Improve the effectiveness of teaching & help students achieve more
  • Have all information at your fingertips

The purely web-based, simple interface is packed with over 100 time-saving features incl.

  • Tracking of student incidents and wellbeing
  • Analyse your assessment data (including NAPLAN) to improve teaching
  • Live attendance and timetables
  • Homework, classwork and assessment management

With its brilliant Parent and Student Portal add-on, you’ll encourage communication between parents and teachers, and immerse students in their education.

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